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STextView Class Reference

#include <STextView.h>

Inheritance diagram for STextView:

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Provide a widget view to STextData

Definition at line 40 of file STextView.h.

Public Types

enum  SS_HighlightMode { HM_None, HM_Simple, HM_SimpleDark, HM_HTML }

Public Member Functions

virtual void buttonDragged (int button, const SLocation &location)
virtual void buttonPressed (int button, const SLocation &location)
virtual void buttonReleased (int button, const SLocation &location)
const SColorgetBackground ()
SCursorIndex getCursorIndex (const SLocation &l)
SLocation getCursorLocation (const SCursorIndex &cursorIndex)
unsigned int getDocumentHeight () const
const SColorgetForeground (bool lr)
SS_HighlightMode getHighlightMode () const
bool getLineEndMark () const
const SLocationgetLocation ()
const SDimensiongetPreferredSize ()
const SDimensiongetSize ()
const SLocationgetViewPort ()
SWindow * getWindow ()
bool getWordWrap () const
bool isMultiline () const
virtual void keyPressed (SWindowListener::SKey key, const SString &s, bool ctrl, bool shift, bool meta)
virtual void keyReleased (SWindowListener::SKey key, const SString &s, bool ctrl, bool shift, bool meta)
SCursorIndex leftOf (const SCursorIndex &ci)
virtual void move (const SLocation &loc)
virtual void redraw (SWindow *canvas, int x, int y, unsigned int width, unsigned int height)
virtual void redraw (SCanvas *canvas, int x, int y, unsigned int width, unsigned int height)
virtual void resize (const SDimension &d)
SCursorIndex rightOf (const SCursorIndex &ci)
void setAlignment (bool align)
virtual void setBackground (const SColor &bg)
void setClippingArea (int x, int y, unsigned int width, unsigned int height)
void setEditable (bool editable)
void setFont (const SString &font, double fontSize=0.0)
void setFontSize (double fontSize)
virtual void setForeground (const SColor &fg)
void setForeground (const SColor &lrfg, const SColor &rlfg)
void setHighlightMode (SS_HighlightMode hlMode)
void setLineEndMark (bool lineend)
void setMultiline (bool multiline)
virtual SSlidable * setSliderListener (SSliderListener *l)
void setText (const SString &text)
void setUnderlineColor (const SColor &c)
void setViewPort (const SLocation &viewPort)
virtual SWindowInterfacesetWindowInterface (SWindowInterface *wi)
void setWordWrap (bool lbm)
 STextView (const SString &utf8)
 STextView (void)
virtual void valueChanged (SSlidable *slidable, SSlideType type)

Public Attributes

unsigned int lineAscent
unsigned int lineHeight
STextData textData

Protected Attributes

SColor background
SLocation location
SDimension preferredSize
SDimension size

Private Member Functions

bool checktext (STextIndex index, const char *checkstring)
void drawGlyph (SCanvas *c, SLocation &l, unsigned int ext, STextIndex index)
unsigned int drawParagraph (SCanvas *c, bool islr, unsigned int line, const SLocation &l, const SLocation &lb, const SLocation &le, bool iswindow=false)
unsigned int getLineIndex (int locy)
SLocation getTextLocation (const STextIndex &textIndex, bool before=true)
void internalRedraw (SCanvas *canvas, int x, int y, unsigned int width, unsigned int height)
SCursorIndex moveCursor (const SCursorIndex &ci, bool up)
void setPen ()
void setReordered ()
void setVisible (unsigned int line)
void syntaxHighlight (STextIndex index, SPen *pen) const
void textChanged (void *src, const STextDataEvent &event)
unsigned int wrapAndPosition (unsigned int line, SH_UINT *cache)
void wrapAndPosition (unsigned int from, unsigned int until, int addcount)
void wrapAndPosition ()

Private Attributes

bool alignment
SVector< SV_UINTbreaks
int cliph
int clipw
int clipx
int clipy
SFont font
double fontSize
SS_HighlightMode highlightMode
bool isEditable
bool isWordWrapOn
bool lineend
SV_UINT lineSpan
SPen lrpen
bool multiline
SVector< SV_UINTposAfter
SVector< SV_UINTposBefore
SPen rlpen
SColor underlineColor
SLocation viewPort

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