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SDialog Class Reference

#include <SDialog.h>

Inheritance diagram for SDialog:

SButtonListener SFrameListener SWindowInterface SEventTarget SKMapDialog STextDialog

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Detailed Description

Yudit Unicode Editor Source File

GNU Copyright (C) 2003 Gaspar Sinai <gsinai@yudit.org> GNU Copyright (C) 2002 Gaspar Sinai <gsinai@yudit.org> GNU Copyright (C) 2001 Gaspar Sinai <gsinai@yudit.org> GNU Copyright (C) 2000 Gaspar Sinai <gsinai@yudit.org>

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2, dated June 1991. See file COPYYING for details.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

Definition at line 30 of file SDialog.h.

Public Types

enum  SKey {
  Key_Undefined, Key_Control_R, Key_Control_L, Key_Alt_L,
  Key_Alt_R, Key_Meta_L, Key_Meta_R, Key_Shift_L,
  Key_Shift_R, Key_Tab, Key_Space, Key_Left,
  Key_Right, Key_Up, Key_Down, Key_Prior,
  Key_End, Key_Next, Key_Return, Key_Enter,
  Key_Home, Key_Delete, Key_BackSpace, Key_Clear,
  Key_Escape, Key_Send, Key_F1, Key_F2,
  Key_F3, Key_F4, Key_F5, Key_F6,
  Key_F7, Key_F8, Key_F9, Key_F10,
  Key_F11, Key_F12, Key_a, Key_A,
  Key_b, Key_B, Key_c, Key_C,
  Key_d, Key_D, Key_e, Key_E,
  Key_f, Key_F, Key_g, Key_G,
  Key_h, Key_H, Key_i, Key_I,
  Key_j, Key_J, Key_k, Key_K,
  Key_l, Key_L, Key_m, Key_M,
  Key_n, Key_N, Key_o, Key_O,
  Key_p, Key_P, Key_q, Key_Q,
  Key_r, Key_R, Key_s, Key_S,
  Key_t, Key_T, Key_u, Key_U,
  Key_x, Key_X, Key_y, Key_Y,
  Key_v, Key_V, Key_w, Key_W,
  Key_z, Key_Z, Key_slash, Key_period,
  Key_comma, Key_semicolon, Key_colon, Key_underscore,
  Key_hash, Key_questionmark, Key_1, Key_2,
  Key_3, Key_4, Key_5, Key_6,
  Key_7, Key_8, Key_9, Key_0
enum  SType {

Public Member Functions

void add (SPanel *comp)
void add (SComponent *comp)
virtual void buttonDragged (int button, const SLocation &location)
virtual void buttonPressed (int button, const SLocation &location)
virtual void buttonReleased (int button, const SLocation &location)
void center ()
virtual bool done (const SEventSource *s)
virtual void enterWindow (void *source)
virtual void enterWindow (SWindow *w)
virtual void error (const SEventSource *s)
virtual SWindow * getComponentWindow ()
bool getInput (SType messageType)
const SLayoutgetLayout () const
const SLocationgetLocation ()
const SDimensiongetPreferredSize ()
const SDimensiongetSize ()
SWindow * getWindow ()
virtual void hide ()
bool isShown ()
virtual void keyPressed (SWindowListener::SKey key, const SString &s, bool ctrl, bool shift, bool meta)
virtual void keyReleased (SWindowListener::SKey key, const SString &s, bool ctrl, bool shift, bool meta)
virtual void leaveWindow (void *source)
virtual void leaveWindow (SWindow *w)
virtual void move (const SLocation &loc)
virtual bool read (const SEventSource *s, const SString &m)
virtual int readable (const SEventSource *s)
virtual void redraw (SCanvas *canvas, int x, int y, unsigned int width, unsigned int height)
virtual void redraw (SWindow *w, int x, int y, unsigned int width, unsigned int height)
SFrameListenerremoveFrameListener ()
virtual void resize (const SDimension &size)
 SDialog (SPanel *dialogPanel)
virtual bool serve (const SEventSource *s)
virtual void setBackground (const SColor &bg)
virtual void setDropListener (SDropListener *ls, const SStringVector &mimes)
virtual void setFont (const SString &font, double fontSize=0.0)
virtual void setFontSize (double fontSize)
virtual void setForeground (const SColor &fg)
SFrameListenersetFrameListener (SFrameListener *l)
void setLayout (const SLayout &layout)
void setMinimumSize (const SDimension &minimumSize)
virtual void setModal (SPanel *parent=0, bool decorated=true)
virtual SSlidable * setSliderListener (SSliderListener *l)
void setTitle (const SString &title)
virtual void setTitleForeground (const SColor &fg)
virtual SWindowInterfacesetWindowInterface (SWindowInterface *wi)
virtual void show ()
virtual void wait ()
virtual bool windowClose (SWindow *w)
virtual bool write (const SEventSource *s)

Protected Member Functions

void _resized ()
virtual void buttonDragged (SWindow *w, int button, int x, int y)
virtual void buttonPressed (SWindow *w, int button, int x, int y)
virtual void buttonPressed (void *source, const SAccelerator *acc)
virtual void buttonReleased (SWindow *w, int button, int x, int y)
void cleanup ()
virtual bool close (SPanel *comp)
virtual bool drop (SWindow *w, const SString &mimetype, const SString &data)
virtual void forceLayout (const SLayout &layout)
virtual void gainedKeyboardFocus (SWindow *w)
bool isLayoutOK () const
virtual void keyPressed (SWindow *w, SKey key, const SString &s, bool ctrl, bool shift, bool meta)
virtual void keyReleased (SWindow *w, SKey key, const SString &s, bool ctrl, bool shift, bool meta)
virtual void lostClipSelection (SWindow *w)
virtual void lostKeyboardFocus (SWindow *w)
void recalc ()
virtual void resized (SWindow *w, int x, int y, unsigned int width, unsigned int height)
bool timeout (const SEventSource *s)
virtual void valueChanged (SSlidable *slidable, SSlideType type)

Protected Attributes

SColor background
SBinVector< SComponent * > children
SBinVector< SPanel * > containers
SPanel * dialogPanel
bool hasParent
bool isCancel
SLayout layout
bool layoutOK
SLocation location
SPanel * modalParent
SButton * noButton
SDimension preferredSize
STimer * resizeTimer
SDimension size
SBinVector< SComponent * > slidableComponents
SBinVector< SSlidable * > slidables
SType type
SWindow * window
SButton * yesButton

Static Protected Attributes

static SAwtawt = 0
static int count = 0

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